COVID-19 – MMP Consultancy Update


Dear all

Just to make you aware that due to a number of employees parents falling within the vulnerable category MMP felt we had a duty of care to undertake a remote working arrangement moving forward, nothing will change we are all as accessible as we were before.

We are continuing to support both our clients and candidates alike and working with clients to ensure the level of service is exceeded.

The last few weeks have effected every single person in this country from young to old and this virus will present every individual a challenge, however what I’ve learnt is this has shown the strength of the MMP employees when we embark on probably the most difficult moment the nation will experience in our life time. It’s about courage, evolution, determination and the opportunity for people step up and be counted. Whilst all of us won’t know how long this will take we will get through this and we will be stronger on the other side.

Keep your family safe and we look forward to hearing from you 

Kind regards 

Everyone from MMP

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