Our phased office return


The first day completed of MMPs phased return, with just over half of the employees back in the office Monday to Wednesday with the other half back Thursday and Friday. It was wonderful to see everyone after 110 days of working from home.

The office has been amended to ensure social distancing is adhered to. Everyone was very respectful of each other and it was great to feel like we had some normality back to our everyday life.

The activity was excellent engaging with a number of clients and we are starting to see a high volume of job flow coming back to the market.

Unfortunately it appears that MMPs resident fish haven’t quite go to grips with the 2 metre rule!

If you would like to hear more on how we are able to support you then we would be very keen to hear from you on 01920 871 121 or info@mmpconsultancy.co.uk

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