At MMP Consultancy our message is clear to everyone involved, the business is built on strong foundations developing lasting relationships, working in a partnership approach, offering the best possible customer service to our clients. We continue to deliver outstanding client relationships and candidate management. We ensure the right individuals are selected, adopting the key values and ethos of the client they will be working for.

What separates us from the rest


We are continually developing and researching within our dedicated sectors. We ensure we understand the true impacts of changes within market trends, industry/government legislation enabling us to react and advise our clients effectively.


MMP Consultancy’s success is very much built on solid, long lasting relationships which have grown and been nurtured for over a decade. We know our continued success will be down to our key focus  on delivering for our clients first time around.

Speed in delivery

With the sectors we operate in, we understand that a vacant post can potentially have catastrophic effects on the delivery of service to your clients. With our specialist consultants, we have the ability to deliver quickly and efficiently the best professionals within the market taking the stress and the worry away from you.


When engaging with MMP Consultancy, we promise to deliver an honest approach to all parts of the recruitment process. We understand the importance of offering a clear and transparent working relationship giving you the confidence that we will deliver to you honestly and effectively.

Delivering on Expectation

In the pursuit of keeping costs as low as possible, many Recruitment Services have tried to standardise as much of their service delivery as possible. We believe the industries we operate in are not generic and therefore it is critical we respond flexibly and truly understand the key values and objectives to enable us to deliver on the expectation of our client.